Benefits of Automobile Filter Cloths

Benefits of Automobile Filters Cloths – Looking for High-quality Filter Cloths? Contact Fibriltex Pvt. Ltd. Fibriltex is one of India’s largest filter cloth manufacturing company producing a complete range of filters cloths of the automobile industry. With a legacy spanning over years, a workforce of more than 200 professionals across six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and a global clientele, Fibriltex is a brand that inspires trust. Fibriltex offers the following filtration products: oil filter cloths, air filter cloths, fuel filter cloths, hydraulic filter cloths, and coolants etc…

India’s Largest Automobile Filter Cloths Manufacturers

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Benefits of Automobile Filter Cloths

Fabric ranges

Filter Cloths fabrics

Fibriltex are extensively used in the filtration process and as filter components in industries such as medical, automotive and electronics industries. Fibriltex Filtration Fabrics have a wide range of precision woven mesh fabrics available to suit all particular applications.

Main industries for Fibriltex Filter Clothes fabrics

  • Food industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical and medical industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining & Refining
  • Fibriltex Filter Clothes have a wide range of precision woven mesh fabrics available to suit all particular applications.

Automotive filters

Automotive filters are specially designed to protect relevant mechanical and electronic components parts in the automotive sector. Fibriltex offers highly precise woven screens in monofilaments for applications such as security filters for valves, pumps and sensors. We can also supply depth filters where high dust holding capacity is needed.


  • Inherent material properties
  • Good replacement for metal filters clothes (thermal and chemical resistance)
  • Easily molded (handling properties of synthetic fiber vs. wire)
  • Consistent quality (IATF 16949)
  • Useable in extraordinary temperature ranges and chemically aggressive environments 
    (PEEK fabrics)
  • Variety of conversion configurations

Open mesh fabrics

  • Exact and repeatable screening properties (high precision mesh opening)
  • High stream rates (low pressure drop, maximized open area by use of fiber down to 24µm)
  • Adjustable hydrophobic levels, ranging from 100 to 135 degree contact angle (surface modification)
  • Maximum specialized range (materials, diameters and weaving patterns)

Closed mesh fabrics

  • Highly efficient particle retention (closed mesh)
  • Optimized flow rates
  • Cleanliness (smooth surface)

Depth filter material

  • Lower power consumption and minimal space requirement (low pressure drop)
  • Protects pump systems (high particle retention capacity)
  • Useable with all fuels and most liquids (elevated temperature fuel tests)
  • Excellent bonding uniformity (latest ultrasonic bonding technology)
  • Depth filter cloth material for high capacity (60 µm material) applications
  • Depth filter cloth material for high efficiency (30 µm material) applications
  • Proven test results for flat or converted materials (external approved test labs)
  • Easy Available as roll goods or ribbons for injection molders


Whether you are beginning-up a new filter cloths operation or seeking to optimize an existing one, Fibriltex has the liquid/solid separation know-how that you need for your particular application. Get in touch with us so we may put Fibriltex extensive expertise to work in helping you achieves your goals, saving money and enhancing operating efficiencies. Everything starts with selecting the correct filter cloth.

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