Release Paper Manufacturer in India

Release Paper Manufacturer in India – We, Fibriltex Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2010 and initiated profound business in manufacturing and exporting of Silicone Release Paper, Glassine Release Paper, MGK Release Paper, Polyester Release Film, Kraft Release Papers and many more. Our offered range has been brought forward after using the latest technology and qualitative materials so that their efficient usage must be experienced in several industrial applications. These products are asked prominently as characterized by high tearing strength, solvent-free properties, smooth texture, and perfect finish.

We have introduced these products in order to make our customers satisfied and to offer the best business solutions. Our workplace is advanced and organized, equipped with the latest range of machines & tools. These facilities help our professionals to bring forth qualitative offerings, imparted with fruitful properties. Our firm has followed quality centric policies from the day of initiation and these positive attributes have helped us to deliver promised specifications along with our offerings. Our products are exported all over the globe and some of the offerings are imported from countries such as America and UK with assured qualitative characteristics.

Release Paper Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from India, we offer glassine release paper, sck release paper, kraft release paper and cck release paper.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Silicone Release Paper that is widely used for several applications nationwide. These papers are manufactured using premium quality silicon procured from reliable and trustworthy vendors. Our nimble fingered professionals fabricate these papers in strict accordance with international norms & standards. These papers are available in various sizes and shapes and are often customized for fulfilling the exact needs of our customers. These papers are highly appreciated for withstanding heat without damage or sticking to other things. Customers can avail these qualitative adhesive papers from us at reasonable prices.

Product Details:

Feature Greaseproof
Use Release Paper
Paper Type Glassine Paper

With an increased proportion of technology, we are offering a qualitative assortment of Glassine Release Paper.


  • Good caliper
  • Lay flatness
  • High density
  • Both Side Coating (possible)

Our Excellence

We, Fibriltex Pvt. Ltd are trusted in the market as a provider of unique Stickers, Fancy Envelope, Files and many more. Not just for this, our company is also renowned in the market for our excellence in maintaining our range’s high quality and flawlessness. Owing to this, we have become the favorite of our clients in the market.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Our Infrastructure

In the leading industrial estate of India, we have established a spacious infrastructure base. The base is assisted daily with 24*7 power and hi-tech machinery set ups. Since our incorporation, we have constantly upgraded this infrastructure to carry out all our business activities in an efficient manner.

Warehousing and Packaging

Our infrastructure is attached to a top class warehousing facility as well as packaging unit. All of our finished goods are packed and stored here prior to their dispatch from our unit. These facilities together help us in shipping out our offerings to clients’ location in the quickest time possible.

Our Team

In our infrastructure base, works a team of adroit professionals and experts. They dedicate themselves completely for the benefits of our clients. It is their duty to ensure the timely delivery of our quality offerings at our clients requested space. The responsibility of making family like relations with clients is also on their shoulders. They are not just workers; they are a medium between us and our clients. Being this way, they communicate our clients’ exact requirements to us and we try to come up with essential modification in our range in accordance to the same.

Client Satisfaction

Our customers and their needs are what we focus on the most. Our prime goal is to ensure that we provide Fancy Envelope, Files, etc. to our clients that contains zero design or quality defects. We also try to attain highest customers’ satisfaction by providing continuous help to our clients throughout the different stages of the deal. Also, we offer an exceptional post sale support. We also provides high gratification to our clients by;-

  • Adhering to the quality norms of the paper ad printing industry
  • Offerings an easy payment procedure including the choice of different modes of payment for clients.
  • Staying in constant touch with clients and incorporating their feedback and suggestions in the modification of our range.

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Name: Fibriltex India Pvt. Ltd

Address: SCO 24-25, Ground Floor, Sector 33/D, Chandigarh, India-160032

Phone Number: 7707888088


Absorbent Sheet Manufacturer in India

Absorbent Sheet Manufacturer in India – Fibriltex India’s only DAC Absorbent Sheet Manufacturer in India. Fibriltex DAC Absorbent sheets are the most cost-effective absorbent product that complies with the regulations governing specimen transport.

These tissue-based papers are impregnated with super-absorbent polymers to absorb liquids that may escape during transport. Sheets can be purchased in a variety of stock sizes or custom cut to meet your specific requirements.

We have emerged in the industry as one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of the Absorbent Sheets. Our offered sheets are designed by utilizing best quality fabric which is sourced from reliable vendors of the market. Having excellent absorption capacity, these sheets are widely used in hospitals, clinics, and homes to absorb water, chemical, and oil. Our customers can avail these Absorbent Sheets from us at market leading price. Continue reading

Airlaid Paper Manufacturer in India

Airlaid Paper Manufacturer in India – Fibriltex India Pvt. Ltd. is a first and Only DAC Absorbent Sheet Manufacturer in India. We provide an Airlaid Paper that will be used in the hygiene industry, automobile industry, agriculture, meat/poultry industry etc…

Simply make a call on this number +91-7707888088 for bulk orders!

Airlaid Paper Manufacturer in India



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Gel Sheet Manufacturer in India

Gel Sheet Manufacturer in India | FibrilTex India Pvt. Ltd

Pioneers in the industry, FibrilTex Pvt. Ltd. is a First and Only Gel Sheet Manufacturer in India.

We are one of the reputed manufacturers, exporters, and traders of Gel Sheets. These products are strictly manufactured in compliance with the industry standards. Specially designed for medical purposes, these products are widely demanded across the Indian and international markets. These offered products are stringently tested on various parameters before delivering to the customers. We manufacture these products using superior quality material as per the requirements of our valuable customers. Continue reading

Meat Packaging

Meat Packaging – The meat sector demands the highest quality in packaging solutions, requiring excellent presentation with a focus on product shelf-life extension. FibrilTex is aware that the success of its clients depends on the quality of their products, and therefore on the packaging. FibrilTex offers the widest range of packaging solutions on the market for the meat sector, from solutions for catering distribution to final retail distribution. Continue reading

Diaper Raw Material Manufacturer

Diaper Raw Material Manufacturer – Fibriltex Pvt. Ltd diapers are made from soft, breathable materials that move with your baby as he plays and sleeps each day. Modern disposable diapers have a layered construction, which allows the transfer and distribution of liquid away from the baby to an absorbent core where the liquid is locked away from baby to help keep him comfortable and dry. We cooperate with stable raw material suppliers and make a strict material inspection before production. There’s nothing more important to us than your baby. That’s why you can absolutely count on us to provide you with safe, high-quality products to help you protect and care for your child. Continue reading

Sanitary Napkins Raw Material Manufacturer

Sanitary Napkins Raw Material Manufacturer – Fibriltex Pvt. Ltd. gives latest Sanitary Napkins Raw Material Manufacturer for export-import data and directory of Sanitary Napkin Raw Material exporters, Sanitary Napkin Raw Material importers, Sanitary Napkin Raw Material buyers, Sanitary Napkin Raw Material suppliers, manufacturers compiled from actual shipment data from Indian Customs and US Customs.


Along with the India Export Import data, Fibriltex also provides Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Import Data which is accurately gathered using Bills of lading and Shipping Manifests filed with US Customs at US Ports.

Sanitary Napkins Raw Material Manufacturer

About Fibriltex Pvt. Ltd – Sanitary Napkins Raw Material Manufacturer

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SAP Sheet Manufacturer

SAP Sheet Manufacturer – Fibriltex Pvt Ltd is India’s first and only manufacturer of DAC (Dynamic Absorbent Sheet). With the assistance of our quality proven and excellent services, we are engaged with manufacturing of DAC absorbent sheet with use of Super Absorbent Polymer. This polymer can absorb and hold extremely large amounts of liquid relative to their own mass. Our Super Absorbent Polymer is eco-friendly and flexible alongside the ability to absorbing. Owing to these features, it is used in diapers and incontinence garments, surgical pads, wound dressings and filtration applications. We offer these polymers to our customers at an affordable price.

Further Details

We are a manufacturer of the absorbent sheet with Super Absorbent Polymer customer first technology innovation, sincere cooperation” as a concept, global sourcing, global sales, domestic and foreign trade integration, to build a comprehensive value-added and complex competitive global traders. At present, our manufacturing plants in India, Vietnam, China, and the United Kingdom we continue to deliver ultra high-tech products to our customers in more than 25 countries and industry leaders established a technical cooperation, exchange platform, it made our technical force, product quality and technological content have a great increase and give more comprehensive products and services to our customers.

SAP Sheet Manufacturer

SAP Sheet Manufacturer in India – FibrilTex India Pvt. Ltd

The Fibriltex Super Absorbent Polymer is a product researched and developed by our company for many years. This resin that absorbs up to 1,000 times its weight in water and is imbued with various added functions because it can be precisely designed in accordance with user needs.
Drawing on these capacities, this product is used to make disposable diapers, various hygiene products, and industrial products and has drawn high-quality evaluations from users.
Our company’s products are delivered in national and international markets and are used in countries around the world.

For any Trade Inquiries email us at INFO@FIBRILTEX.COM or
Call us at 172-5026664-69.

Hygiene Products

  • Sodium Polyacrylate-based Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Water absorbent materials for hygiene products (Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers, Sanitary napkins)


  • SAP Sheet can absorb water several hundred times more than its dry weight. It will hold most of the absorbed liquid, even under considerable pressure
  • SAP Sheet has a narrow and controlled particle size distribution
  • SAP Sheet demonstrates excellent flowability and good scatter uniformity in most feeding systems
  • SAP Sheet is almost insoluble in water or other solvents

Industrial Materials

  • Sodium Polyacrylate-based Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Water repellent tape for power and optical cables, Water-swelling rubber


  • SAP Sheet can absorb water several hundred times more than its dry weight. It will retain most of the absorbed liquid, even under considerable pressure
  • SAP Sheet has a narrow and controlled particle size distribution
  • SAP Sheet demonstrates excellent flowability and good scatter uniformity in most feeding systems
  • SAP Sheet is almost insoluble in water or other solvents


We are seen to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this highly commendable Super Absorbent Polymer in the market. Manufactured in accordance with the industry set norms and guidelines, its quality never deteriorates. The effectiveness it provides, its longer shelf life and non-toxic nature, make the product one of the primary preferences.


  • Superior effectiveness
  • Longer shelf life
  • Non-toxic


Fibriltex SAP Sheet for agriculture is a kind of new functional water absorbent polymer produced by high-tech of our company. It contains loads of hydrophilic groups and an excellent molecule structure. It can absorb multiple times of water of its own weight in a short time, and release afterward slowly and absorb repeatedly. In this way, it can form a miniature reservoir around the plant’s root, keep a moist environment and develop water and fertilizer retaining the capacity of soil effectively, increase the using rate of water and fertilizer, enhance the structure and ventilation of soil, create a good growing environment for the plant.

Benefits of SAP:

  • The product can improve soil quality, preserve water and resist drought, producing a better environment for seeds to sprout and develop. It is harmless and non-polluting with super water absorbing ability and water preserving ability while the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out in simply physical ways and it can release and absorb water repeatedly.
  • Used in agriculture and forestry, it can form a micro-reservoir at plants root. It can absorb natural water which quantity can reach around 250-400 times by its self-weight. It also has better water retention.
  • SAP Sheet can release and absorb water repeatedly, the water which it absorbs can be absorbed slowly by the seed and plant-root, so this will increase soil moisture effectively and decrease the times of irrigation.
  • Using this product can save water, labor, and increase the livability for the transplant.
  • Applying SAP in the drought season, dry land, mountainous area & sloping field, mine terra, and desert, can improve virescence effectively, and accelerate to restore the zoology environment.
  • SAP can be applied together with fertilizer, pesticide, micro-element, radication powder, etc. It can make them release slowly and increase the effects of the fertilization and pesticide, decrease the loss of soil nutrients and protect underground water circumstance.
  • SAP has flocculation function to make fine dust of the soil to become loosed big grains; this can prevent soil to harden. Amid repeatedly absorb-release water, it can make soil loosen thus to promote soil edaphon development and increase crop quantity.
  • It is widely used in agriculture and forestry industry, municipal gardening, drought resisting, and water preserving, and sand resisting and controlling aspects, and is playing an important role.
  • SAP will fundamentally reduce water depletion while dramatically improving plant survival and growth. It will also decrease water runoff and soil erosion, thus improving the quality of our lakes, streams, and rivers. Cost-productive water management is of particular importance for the agricultural and horticultural industry, e.g. for tree nurseries growing high-value trees and shrubs. With extreme dry droughts occurring on a more frequent basis due to global warming, SAP can help plants survive by reducing irrigation requirements up to 50%.


SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) Sheet that we offer can absorb a high amount of liquid at a time. It seeks extensive usage in sanitary products, diaper, gel-based hot and cold packs, filtration applications, motionless water beds, wire and cable water blocking, spill control etc. We are enlisted among the reputed Manufacturers, and Suppliers of Super Absorbent Polymer from Chandigarh, India. Because of our widespread network, it has been a simple job for us to deliver retail as well as bulk orders for Super Absorbent Polymer on time.

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