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Lead the World in Essentials for a Better Life

Billions of people choose our products each day to make a positive difference in their lives. That’s a big responsibility and one we take seriously.
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Fibril Tex Pvt Ltd is committed to becoming a global company that realizes the vision of “Innovation Driven Solution” and provides new values to customers.
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To serve our customers with utmost dedication and become a leader in the absorbent sheet industry by supplying superior products to our customers, enabling them to stay one step ahead in producing high quality and high-performance products in their target segments.

We’re inspired by what’s beyond essential

Fibril Tex Pvt Ltd is India’s first and only manufacturer of DAC (Dynamic Absorbent Sheet) offering product with unique functions. Our flagship products are absorbent sheets for Hygiene, Horticulture, Meat, and food Packaging and sports shoes making industries.

At Fibril Tex we stand committed to improving the quality of life through our wide range of products and services. Pursuing our passion we have adopted ‘innovation-driven solutions’ as a motto which shapes our plans and actions. Today, anchored by our great pool of talent of different nationalities working in 4 manufacturing plants worldwide. We continue to deliver ultra high-tech products to our customers in more than 25 countries.

DAC is one of the latest innovations of Fibril Tex, worked through a thought process of evolving the absorbent core for hygiene products into a better solution to counter the issues with fluff pulp and SAP with manufacturers of hygiene products like baby diapers, adult diapers, and sanitary pads. Other editions on DAC are designed for Horticulture and Meat and food Packaging Industries.

The DAC is a well structured inner core of the hygiene product which directly replaces the use of Fluff Pulp and SAP, and instead delivers a better performing combination of the materials at a much lower cost.

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